Joy & Gordan Story Book

I knew the first time I met this breeder that she had put "everything" into her dogs/puppies to have the best quality she could have. My first was Chase! He had the best disposition, potty trained, and one beautiful coat.  Not only did I fall in love with him at first sight but my husband was so impressed with this baby at Irresistible Yorkies that we became repeat customers.  We now have 8 of Lauire's Babydoll Yorkies and each one of them is so special to us.  All of which are pets only.  Each time I would take another one to my lifelong friend/Vet, he would remark about the quality of my baby.  He should know, having at one time 5 of his own! If you are looking for the "Babydoll Face Yorkie" and the quality, I highly recommend Irresistible Yorkies, You won't be disappointed!  Joy Helsel

Kimberly Story Book

I first met LaurieAnn in 2007 "Breeder of Irresistible Yorkies". I went on a year long search for my first Extreme Baby Doll Yorkie. After meeting other breeders and than meeting LaurieAnn I knew that she was the only breeder I wanted to get my Little baby from.

 Her home is a warm loving place where she raises the most precious pups. My yorkie was POTTY TRAINED when I brought her home and that was quite a surprise. LaurieAnn loves her little babies and puts a lot of work into providing them with the best food and finding them the perfect match. 

After a year I went back and purchased another pup, this time a male. With each pup I purchased LaurieAnn guided me and helped me pick the one that would fit my family perfect. My vet said LaurieAnn is an excellent breeder because my pups are in excellent health. The Baby Doll yorkies are like potato chips you cant have just one. Through the years I have purchased a total of 8 pet yorkies from her. I still have all "8" and they are very healthy and loved. Each yorkie has a sweet personality and I cant recommend LaurieAnn enough. I would never think of getting a yorkie from someone else. 

If your looking for a Quality breeder of Extreme Baby Doll Yorkies Look know further... LaurieAnn is who you want to speak to. Not many people can say that they have purchased all (8) their dogs from one breeder that really speaks for itself. If anyone would like to contact me for a reference please feel free.

Sincerely, Kimberly Simms

Tami Story Book

 We just got two little sisters from Laurie Ann and I just can’t say enough positive things about her and her Irresistable Yorkies. Laurie is a very conscientious breeder and clearly strives to produce the best qualities in every single litter, and that shows in her pups. She is easy to contact and quickly replies. She is very interested in what you are looking for in a puppy and will do her best to match you with the right pup, even if she has to tell you she doesn’t have one available with a particular trait you’re looking for. What I’m saying is her pups health and happiness come first and that means a happy client. It’s not about rapid turn over. We spent a pleasurable two hours chatting with Laurie after we purchased our puppies. She is a lady of integrity and one I am happy to call my friend. If you are looking for a well bred Yorkshire Terrier and an honest and knowledgable breeder then you’re looking for Irresistable Yorkies!

Tami was so Happy she came back for the 3rd Sister! How Wonderful all 3 girls can grow up together!

Thanks Tami

Ashley and baby Pebbles

 Hi LaurieAnn,

I have attached some photos of Pebbles (aka Fantasia) and her many adventures with us over the last two weeks. She is a sweet little girl, with a great personality. As you can see she's made fast friends with many people, including our niece and nephew (Virginia and Bennett). She loves her chew toys (we see many teeth coming in, so lots of chewing!) and sitting on Les's shoulder to rest. She is a great eater - but loves her treats the most. She did a great job at her first vet follow up and goes in next week for her next vaccination. She does a great job on the pee-pad and is starting to learn basic commands "go potty", "bed time", and her name - Pebbles! She is a great addition to our family, and is loved by all - my father and mother (both not "dog people") expressed that they now want a yorkie! 

Here is our review - feel free to use it as you'd like. 

We can't thank Laurie of Irresistible Yorkies enough for bringing Pebbles into our lives and for making the process of bringing her home so easy. Laurie's professionalism throughout the process gave us confidence that we were bringing home a healthy, happy puppy. We discussed specific look/temperament with Laurie and she did a great job of "pairing" us with Pebbles. Laurie provided us with great advice, in terms of bringing Pebbles home, and was available to discuss on the phone whenever we had questions. Laurie exceeded all expectations we had for working with a breeder and we would recommend her and her pups to anyone interested in bringing home a beautiful yorkie. You will not regret working with Laurie of Irresistible Yorkies. 

Pebbles joined our family with no issues - it was as if she's been with us from day 1. She allows us, and others, to handle her without issue. She is very playful, curious, and has a very sweet demeanor. She may be small, but she has a big personality. She is instantly loved by anyone she meets. At our first vet visit, aside from being impressed by her overall health, Pebbles was shared with everyone in the office, as they couldn't believe how cute she was! We couldn't be happier with our new addition to our family.

Thank you Laurie. We love our beautiful Pebbles. 

Ashley Starck

Tina Story Book

 I purchased my beautiful Angel Marie on February 8th 2013.She is gorgeous and very smart. A very good little girl. We adore her and decided in 2014 to go back to get Angel a little sister. We purchased Kaci Lynn in June of 2014. She has been a wonderful addition to our family. So very sweet and smart in her own right. She is my Velcro baby, loves to be with her mommy at all times.

Irresistible Yorkies does such a wonderful job loving and taking such good care of all her babies she helps bring into this world. I carry business cards, as everyone wants to know where we got our babies, so beautiful and well behaved. I am proud to share my babies with everyone... Thank you for loving and being my babies first human mommy.

Sincerely, Tina Kirby  

Carmen Story Book

LaurieAnn, I can’t thank you enough for the three additions to my life! They are so happy, healthy and so much fun. I was amazed that they were so well adjusted socially, all formed their own little pack and loved each other from the moment I brought each of them home.
My puppies have grown into beautiful adults; their conformation, hair, ears and bite are all perfect, they are healthy and they have the best yorkie personality traits; inquisitive, smart, energetic and affectionate.
My vet has comments every time I see her how calm they are, how healthy they are and how well socialized they are and they are some of her favorite clients! My groomer says they are a breeze and love to be groomed; loves the water and the hair dryer even!
I can’t recommend you enough; you are a thoughtful and caring breeder and love your dogs and those characteristics show up in your puppies. I felt at ease that you took the time to ask what I wanted in my puppies to make sure you matched me with the right puppy; and you did! I can’t imagine getting a yorkie from anywhere else. I can recommend Laurie highly for anyone that is looking for a quality yorkie breeder, is honest, cares about her dogs and the people that are lucky enough to get one! 

Linda Story Book

 Well, let me start by saying that my precious little bundle of joy, Izzie, is now ten years old. She was the pawfect puppy and is still the best pup ever! I've never know a breeder to give as much attention and caring to her pups as Ann. Over the years, we have stopped by her house many times, unannounced and she always welcomes us. Since our other older pup has passed on, we have been talking about adding a sibling for Izzie, in the near future. We wouldn't even consider going anywhere, but here, for our new addition to our family. 

Izzie is now 10 years old, This is the second Yorkie that we have purchased from LaurieAnn. Our precious Maddie is almost a year and a half old, now, and I don’t know, if I’ll be able to adequately describe what a wonderful pup she is. Of course, she's beautiful, with a thick glossy coat, but she's a spunky, lovable bundle of joy, too, and she was actually already potty trained, to a wee wee pad, when she came home! It’s not only the perfect Yorkie look that Laurie has achieved. Along with a wonderful temperament, both of our Yorkies have been extremely smart. Maddie is actually trained to be a service dog (my husband has no sense of smell) and she flew through her training, with ease. I had mentioned to Laurie, that I wanted a pup who would be very close in size to our Izzie and, while I know that it can be difficult to predict exact size, she was spot on! At a year and a half, Izzie weighed 4.6 lbs. and Maddie weighs 4.2. Lastly, Laurie is the most caring breeder whom I have ever met. I’ve kept in touch with her, for the past ten years and know that all of her pups and adult dogs are very spoiled and loved. At some point, I’m sure that we will want to add another little love bug to our family and I wouldn’t even consider going anywhere else. 

Linda Roland 

Fran & Charlie Story Book

 Type When we began our search for a new puppy we had very specific characteristics in mind. Our last Yorkie had been quite large so we were hoping for a smaller puppy, and above all, temperament was everything. Our previous Yorkie was loved by everyone who met him due to his perfect temperament and manners..
Well, I searched the Internet everyday for weeks until I found Irresisitible Yorkies in Maryland. I was so pleased to find a private, woman owned business, so close to our eastern shore home. 
I called LaurieAnn and found her to be knowledgable and welcoming to my inquiry. I wanted to know that our new puppy was coming from a clean, healthy & comfortable environment.  We were very particular.  

The puppies were healthy, happy and full of energy. I immediately made eye contact with my puppy, "Little Bo" and it was love at first sight. I knew he was perfect and he is. He has perfect temperament and he is so smart. This is not by accident but by selective breeding overseen by a knowledgable breeder.  Everyone has heard of the dreaded "yappy little dog".. Not here.. Our Little Bo is such a pleasure and he has filled a hole in our hearts that we felt was insurmountable.. 
We quickly found that Irresistible Yorkie puppies were like Pringles, you cannot eat just one. And in a years time we found ourselves back at Irresisitible Yorkies to pick up another puppy we call Mr Buttons. He is everything we expected with the same perfect temperament and good looks. We were so impressed with LaurieAnn and her perspective on breeding.  All of her dogs were high quality, with good temperaments, cared for with love and affection. We know she will always be there for us and it would be a relationship that wouldn't end with the sale, but would keep on keeping on, and it has.
Fran and Charlie Small  

Andrea Story Book

Thank My husband and I had the distinct pleasure of meeting LaurieAnn approximately 20 months ago when we were looking for a Yorkie who was not a young puppy.   Somehow, she wisely matched us with Fiona, who was an 18 month female. She immediately bonded with my 11 year old Yorkie, Bruno.

When Bruno passed away at age 13 this past spring, Fiona was devastated.  She wouldn't stay out of his bed and didn't eat for 2 days. Last week, we once again, called upon Laurie and she came through with flying colors. Fiona's half brother came to our home only 30 hours ago and already he and Fiona are sleeping in the same bed and curling up with one another.

Irresistible Yorkies is an exceptional breeder and all around  phenomenal person!!!!   Ethical, caring, patient, knowledgeable  and a matchmaker to boot, she excels at matching up the right dog with a family.  

I had dreamed of having a Yorkie since I was a teenager and both my pups have exceeded my expectations. Finding LaurieAnn and her irresistible Yorkies have been one of life's most unexpected treasures.  Bless Laurie and her brood of amazing dogs. If you are even considering a Yorkie, make that drive over the Bay Bridge before you look any further. She will not steer you wrong.... 


Denice Story Book


Expectations exceeded!

After 10 months of extensive searching, talking to numerous breeders across the country & willing to travel to find the dog I was looking for, I found Laurie locally!! I chose Laurie and Irresistible Yorkies initially due to the beautiful dogs she produces and her great communication. She was always accessible to talk to me and answered all of my questions. I loved Laurie’s professionalism and honesty. She is very conscientious and really honed in on exactly what I was looking for. She absolutely “nailed it” by giving me the look and the temperament I was looking for in our new family member. My expectations were pleasantly exceeded. The little guy we purchased from Laurie came very well acclimated to everyday household stimuli. He is not afraid of the washing machine, dryer, loud noises or even the vacuum cleaner! I have been amazed!! We are able to handle our little guy all over including putting our fingers inside his ears, handling his paws and brush his teeth with no refusal as if he has done it every day. He even walks well on the leash! My vet was so impressed on every level with his overall excellent health, confirmation, temperament and “cuteness” she asked for the breeder’s contact information as she wanted a local, reputable breeder to refer clients who inquire. I could not be happier with the precious little guy we received from Laurie of Irresistible Yorkies. If you are looking for an honest, reputable breeder who takes the time & effort and has the experience to ensure you get a well-rounded & acclimated and beautiful dog, has excellent communication, gives great advice and is great at listening and providing you with the dog of your dreams, look no further. Travel across the country if you have to….Irresistible Yorkies is well worth it!!  You won’t be disappointed I promise!! THANK YOU LAURIE!!

Denise Stover

Easton, MD