Babydoll Yorkies for Sale in Maryland

Extreme Babydoll Yorkies  are what Customers are talking about! They say our name fits us to a T,  ~ " Irresistible Yorkies"!!!  Our yorkies are intelligent with a short little nose,  short back, plush coats and tiny ears... the look that never changes!  They are always Happy with there Babydoll Face Yorkie and quite often come back for more... With them potty trained it's easy, You know what they say ~ you just can't have one!


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After 10 months of extensive searching, talking to numerous breeders across the country & willing to travel to find the dog I was looking for, I found Laurie locally!! I chose Laurie and Irresistible Yorkies initially due to the beautiful dogs she produces and her great communication. She was always accessible to talk to me and answered all of my questions. I loved Laurie’s professionalism and honesty. She is very conscientious and really honed in on exactly what I was looking for. She absolutely “nailed it” by giving me the look and the temperament I was looking for in our new family member. My expectations were pleasantly exceeded. The little guy we purchased from Laurie came very well acclimated to everyday household stimuli. He is not afraid of the washing machine, dryer, loud noises or even the vacuum cleaner! I have been amazed!! We are able to handle our little guy all over including putting our fingers inside his ears, handling his paws and brush his teeth with no refusal as if he has done it every day. He even walks well on the leash! My vet was so impressed on every level with his overall excellent health, confirmation, temperament and “cuteness” she asked for the breeder’s contact information as she wanted a local, reputable breeder to refer clients who inquire. I could not be happier with the precious little guy we received from Laurie of Irresistible Yorkies. If you are looking for an honest, reputable breeder who takes the time & effort and has the experience to ensure you get a well-rounded & acclimated and beautiful dog, has excellent communication, gives great advice and is great at listening and providing you with the dog of your dreams, look no further. Travel across the country if you have to….Irresistible Yorkies is well worth it!!  You won’t be disappointed I promise!! THANK YOU LAURIE!!

Denise Stover

Easton, MD

Baby Doll Yorkie

Baby Doll Yorkie

Extreme Babydoll Face Yorkie

Baby Doll Yorkie

Baby Doll Yorkie ~ the Look that never changes...