Robyn Story Book

I have been a Yorkie owner for thirty plus years, owning many.   The experience with Irresistible Yorkies is by FAR BEYOND AMAZING !   It is truly almost indescribable which I believe CAN NOT be matched!!!!   I have not enough praise for Laurie, she is the most educated, caring breeder with an abundance of  detailed knowledge complete from the application process to delivery of my beyond beautiful new girl 😊   My new babies temperament, health and overall EVERYTHING is remarkable, confirmed by my vet.     This is FIVE STAR PLUS all the way.  Thank you Laurie and Irresistible Yorkies for EVERYTHING!   

Libby Story Book


Libby’s Experience with Irresistible Yorkies

I was first introduced to Laurie’s wonderful Yorkie pups when I was walking in my new neighborhood and met two of the cutest little fellas I had ever seen! I was so impressed with how calm they were and that they didn’t bark when meeting new people. After seeing that this was consistent in their behavior, I begged my husband to meet them. We were hooked! 

We contacted Laurie and brought home our own adorable pup, Cooper, three years ago. Everywhere we’ve gone with Cooper, he’s gotten glowing compliments on how adorable and friendly he is. Just like Laurie’s other pup parents have reported, Cooper has a calm, sweet disposition. 

Cooper came to us pee pad trained which was a big plus. We could tell that Laurie had exposed him and desensitized him to loud noises because Cooper was not upset by the vacuum, sudden noises or even thunderstorms. It was very apparent that Laurie handled her pups a lot too. Cooper was fine with us touching his paws, his ears and brushing his teeth when we needed to clean them. 

Cooper is an exceptional dog. He is very healthy and oh so smart! He loves learning new things and being with people especially children. We now visit schools and libraries together as a therapy team. 

We love Cooper so much that we are joining the ranks of repeat customers and will add to our “pack” next month with little “Peppermint” soon to be known as “Katie”.  It is clear to us that Laurie is an excellent breeder of beautiful, healthy, Yorkshire Terriers and does such a great job preparing her pups for their new homes. It should be mentioned that she also helped prepare us for Cooper coming into our home with her handouts on what to expect and what to do for our new puppy. Cooper has been such a wonderful addition to our lives that we are excitedly looking forward to bringing home Katie.

Laurie, thank you for your very special, Irresistible Yorkies!