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We feel their is a perfect match for all our puppies and retired adults... Please fill out our Puppy Application. We will contact you when we evaluate our babies.  We are a very "Honest breeder" and like to give correct information on our treasures! We price our Babydoll Face Yorkies at around 7 to 8 weeks of age.  By waiting till then, I am able to judge what look, size, type of coat, color, and personality my babies will be. Each Babydoll Yorkie is priced individually & starts at 1800. (the more extreme baby doll face they are, the more money they are). This way it is fair to our Loyal Customers and for us!  We will contact you in the order we have received  your application and go over each puppy with you at that time! We take a few pictures of our babies before 7 weeks of age as we have time... All of our dogs are akc registered however, we do not give out papers. With a pet there is no need for papers.

We are located in Maryland, if you are needing your puppy delivered to another state we have a Nanny Service that hand carrier your baby on the Airplane and meets you at your Airport. This service usually runs 450.00. We have a Wonderful Nanny that will transport by vehicle to your home is wonderful and ~ no stress!


Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Do to the Coronavirus we are not selling our babies to 

any customers that can not drive to Maryland.

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New Litters due end of June... Other litters due in August

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