Tiny Babydoll Yorkie Information

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Tiny Baby Doll Yorkie


These babies are like a newborn child, very fragile and need there rest. Feed your Tiny Yorkie several times a day. Like many tiny breeds, are prone to developing hypoglycemia---a condition that occurs when blood glucose levels drop below normal. If left untreated, hypoglycemia is potentially life threatening. Feed your baby many times a day and offer it healthy snacks, in between. Always keep an eye out for signs of hypoglycemia, which include shivering, lethargy, disorientation and weakness. Always keep Karo syrup on hand. You can also put it in the water they drink so they are getting a little sugar to keep them up

It is important for Tiny Yorkies to have nap time, and is best to keep them in a smaller area such as a play pen. Exercise your baby to keep it at a proper weight. Tiny Yorkies can become overweight, so be aware of them getting chunky. The excess weight can cause arthritis and exacerbate any physical problems, such as luxating patellas. Walk your baby daily and feed it the amount of food your veterinarian suggests.

these mini pups are so fragile that serious injuries are a real possibility even during normal everyday activities. Anyone who’s ever owned a terrier or other small dog knows how easily they can get underfoot. An accident that might cause a sturdier dog to yelp could easily send a Tiny to the emergency vet.

Brush your baby teeth every day. Small breeds are at risk for developing gum and tooth disease. Prevent this by brushing the dog's teeth with toothpaste made for dogs and a small, soft toothbrush daily. You could also use a finger brush a brush that fits over your finger to clean the dog's teeth if it doesn't like the brush. Keeping your Tiny Yorkie mouth healthy can prevent gingivitis, periodontal disease and other dental problems.

Always use a body harness for these tiny delicate little babies... Keeping them clean with Johnson Baby Shampoo is a great way to keep them clean. Be sure to blow dry them completely dry so they do not get chilled in anyway. Most of all give your baby the LOVE and attention she/he deserves!


Good to keep on hand while young

Yogurt Recipe:   

You need to have on hand at all times, until your puppy adjusts to their new home. Along with a 3-6 cc syringe. This helps with blood sugars when puppies are in transition and do not want to eat.  I give 3cc's to all my puppies in the morning and bedtime. It can also be given as a meal if your puppy is not eating for any reason. You may also use when your Yorkie is not feeling well. Give to your puppy via syringe as needed

  1 cup of  vanilla yogurt (low fat with high protein)
  1 tablespoon of clear kayro syrup

 1 jar of chicken babyfood
 Mix well