Babydoll Parti Yorkies

Our Babydoll Parti Yorkies, Babydoll Chocolate Yorkies, Babydoll Choolate Parti Yorkies, and Babydoll Black Yorkies. Take a look at our puppies growing up to be adults soon! 

Double~Dipped' Truffles

 Truffles is a Babydoll chocolate parti yorkie with deep dark chocolate silk coat, she has a shorter nose, smaller ears, pretty copper eyes. 

Cosmopolitan' Martini

Martini is a Babydoll parti yorkie that is gold, black & white. She is a traditional color with black & gold silk coat.  I look forward to having babies soon with Martini!

Sky Is the Limit' Lexi

Sky has it all...she carry Black, Chocolate, and Parti... I can't wait till she grows up and we are able to have babies with her. It will be so exciting!    

Babydoll Face' Sophia

Sophia is one of my little compact girls... She is deep gold and dark blue with small ears, short legs and back. She will start my parti yorkies off to a nice start! 

TNT Stick of Dynamite' Remington

Little Remington is really tiny...  weighing in at 2.14lbs. he is gold & black yorkie, That is a little doll! He will be starting to produce soon with us!