Babydoll Parti Yorkies in Maryland

Our Babydoll Parti Yorkies, Babydoll Chocolate Yorkies, Choolate Parti Yorkies, Bitter Chocolate Yorkies, Dark Chocolate Yorkies, Solid Black Yorkie

Truffles - Babydoll Chocolate Parti Yorkie

 Truffles is a Babydoll Chocolate Parti Yorkie with Bitter chocolate silk coat, she has a shorter nose, smaller ears, pretty copper eyes. Babydoll Parti Yorkie

Martini what a DOLL!

Martini is a Babydoll parti yorkie that is gold, black & white. She is a traditional color with black & gold silk coat.  I look forward to having Babydoll Parti Yorkie with Martini!

Lexi - carry parti, chocolate, black gene

Lexi has it all...she carry Black, Chocolate, and  Babydoll Parti Yorkie... I can't wait till we are going  to be having babies with her soon.  It will be so exciting!    

Bacardi is a Babydoll Parti Yorkie that carry chocolate

Bacardi is a little doll, he is very rich black with a beautiful coat! He carry dark chocolate and will be having babies soon I can't wait!  Babydoll Parti Yorkie

Can't get any darker than this!

Meet our super Dark Bitter Chocolate James Bond! Beautiful rich coat, large eye's, and short legs! Babydoll Parti Yorkies, Babydoll Chocolate Yorkie, Bitter Chocolate Parti Yorkie, Solid Black Yorkie, Look forward to seeing his babies...